Learn how to promote refugee work rights

We at Asylum Access have developed a Guide to Promoting Refugee Work Rights, based on more than a decade of experience working directly with refugees to increase resiliency and community economic empowerment.

Guide to Promoting Refugee Work Rights

The guide is written for anyone who wants to promote refugee work rights through direct service, legal assistance, advocacy for policy change, and related approaches. It provides tools that enable you to plan and implement programs for impact.

The guide can be used as a stand-alone tool or within the broader Refugee Rights Toolkit. The Toolkit documents key practices in realizing a full range of refugee rights using three core strategies: legal empowerment, policy reform and global system change.

Request consulting support for institutions

If you are with an agency, organization or government that wants to promote long-term and sustainable refugee resiliency, consider partnering with Asylum Access Global Services, our implementation, consulting, and training arm. For more information, please contact info@asylumaccess.org.